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The abrasive disc enterprise standard formulated by Jellida fills in the blank of the abrasive disc standard for superhard new materials.

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Henan Jielida Super Hard Products Co., Ltd.

Jellida's persistent craftsmanship has won the trust of global customers. At present, we have our own sales network and customers in Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea and other places. At the same time, we are also very fortunate that our equipment and products are providing services to large enterprises such as aerospace, national defense, military industry and top 500 companies.

Grinding Solution

Jellida was the first to put forward the concept of "grinding revolution, grinding machine integration, grinding revolution, sand machine integration".

It has become the only closed-loop enterprise in the industry chain from grinding wheel development and production to grinding machine tool development and production in China and even in the world. It has opened a new mode for the development of abrasive tools enterprises.

With the advantage of integrated system, Jellida provides all-round and efficient plane grinding solutions for customers.

Craftsman spirit

Jellida always upholds the spirit of "craftsman spirit, inheritance from generation to generation" and meets customer needs through continuous innovation and iteration of products.

Improving the quality of products needed by customers, and wholeheartedly providing customers with first-class and customized precision grinding equipment.

Planar Ultra-Precision Grinding Solution with All-round Integration

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